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Columbia Gorge daytrip

The family went to the Columbia River Gorge today. It’s not that long a trip from Portland (1.5 hours each way), and it was absolutely lovely. We did have to get up inordinately early (for us) to get there before noon and to sightsee.

While we were there, we had the best meal I’ve had in Oregon (Hood River Hotel), found me some wading shoes to teach the dog to swim (partially successful), and all went down to the river:

… even the sock.

We got back to Portland just barely in time for me to grab my stuff and meet Opus at Twisted:

Oooh, look, traveling sock friends. And, just to make you jealous, I must inform you that the sock that Opus is knitting is for me and it’s being knit up with ShiBui Sock yarn.

I just lost each and every single subscriber I have with that little tidbit, didn’t I?

Opus and I spent an inordinate amount of time at the store, mostly fondling their sock yarn. I actually managed to escape without buying any more (buying the ‘Smooshy’ yesterday immunized me, I think). Opus was not so lucky, she got a skein of yarntini. Yum.

Across the street from Twisted is the coolest Ethiopian restaurant. We decided to hit them for dinner, as Opus had never tried Ethiopian food before:

Our waitress (with a heavy accent) was very impressed with our socks and had all sorts of questions. A little girl, running into the restaurant, also identified our WIPs as socks with some glee. Sort of a Red Letter Day, really – two people not guessing that we were making sweaters.

And from there I came home and collapsed. I think I shall go back to being horizontal now.

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