• Me to never become a sheep shearer
  • Australia and New Zealand to deny me entrance into their territories
  • Shear Genius to take away my scissors
  • and Charlie to run away whimpering whenever he sees me…

Luckily, within 15 minutes of finishing the most atrocious dog-haircut in the history of domesticated animals, Charlie completely forgot that it had been me to wield the Scissors of Doom:

It helped that I threw his squeaky toy around the backyard for him for awhile:

*squeek squeek*

The Most Atrocious Haircut took some time to finish (give or take an hour and a half – the dog was hairy). Afters, Emm and I went our separate ways. Him to WoW and suchlike. Me to sewing, silk, socks and stoles:

Oooh, alliteration. I promised Mum I would finish the mock-up robes for her to wear to the Harry Potter release party at Powell’s. But, since we’ve had so much difficulty with the sewing machine, I decided to test the waters before diving in.

So, I tried out this tutorial. Only, I had to change it because I didn’t have interfacing and a 12″ zipper (details, details). I used snap-tape instead and upholstery fabric to negate the need for interfacing. It all went well until I accidentally cut the fabric down the middle – forcing me to change the dimensions. At this point the bag will hold a ball of yarn and not much else. Ahwell.

At least we know the sewing machine works, right?

And the pink silk bag is my Lantern Moon project bag. I couldn’t take how open the top was (balls of yarn falling on the floor isn’t fun), so I used an awl to poke holes in the outer layer of the top hem. Elastic cord and a adjustable doohicky (no, I can’t remember what it’s called) make it easier to keep projects inside the bag.

And, now, the knitting. The Slighty Twisted sock, it turns out, doesn’t fit me. I made the heel flap just a weeee bit too long. It fits Mum. I’m too far to care to frog, so Mum gets the pair.


I take comfort in the fact that the Mystery Stole is still mine. And pretty as ever. I’m not through clue 2 yet (the sock distracts me with it’s flashy-flashy variegation), but I’m making progress without a single guess as to it’s theme. Well, maybe one.

I’m a Classicist, so I should know this, but was there a Greco-Roman g-d of confusion?

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