I will not post Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows spoilers. I could kick him for doing things like that.

We left for the Powell’s Harry Potter release party at 8:30 pm – the party was supposed to start at 10. After dinner, we crossed the river and finally found parking. The city of Portland had actually closed Couch St between 10th and 11th! It was insane, in a good way. The Powell’s employees estimated that 3,000 people would be there.

Because I didn’t finish Mum’s robes in time, I finally convinced her to wear mine (I was not wearing velvet in that humidity). Emm and I dressed up as, ah, ‘Muggles’. Here we are with Hagrid:

And here is part of the crowd at 10:30 pm:

Emm at Platform 9 3/4 (the side entrance to Powell’s):

And Mum with Dumbledore:

Powell’s definitely went all-out for this final release. They hired street performers, set up speakers to play the HP movie soundtracks, and had props set up everywhere. At 12:01 they opened the doors. Since people had started lining up at 9 am, we were closer to the back of the line. But things moved relatively fast.

Relatively. The line, in the end, snaked on itself 5 times on Couch St, wrapped around Powell’s City of Books (which is a building the size of a full city block), swept past the front of the line and ended around the corner of 11th and something.

By 2 am, we were at the front of the line and I had finished knitting the first Trekking sock:

I didn’t weave in the ends, that would have been insane. About as insane as the people taking pictures of me because I was knitting. In a street (and store) full of people in Wizarding and ‘Muggle’ costumes, I was the one who was stared at and photographed.


We arrived home with the books at 2:30 pm. I changed and started reading. At 7 am this morning I noticed that I could turn off my ceiling light (because the sun had risen), but refused to get up/ put down the book until I had finished entirely.

I read the last page at 8 am. It’s as addictive as the other 6. And good. Really, really good.

Read it.

And now I’m going to go back to bed for a little while. And spin. I want to spin when I wake up…

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