What I was planning to blog about. Bugrit. Instead, I offer the distraction of handspun yarn p0rn:

1.5 oz (I think) of fine wool mix

I love my new wheel. It has beautifully smooth action, and it spins laceweight easily. What more could I want, eh?

Oh, now I remember what I was planning on mentioning. I’m not quite in shock (okay, maybe a little) over the fact that Sock Knitters Anonymous now has 589 members on ravelry. I’m also not quite in shock over the fact that people actually want to take part of the year-long knitting challenge I suggested. It is a bit surprising how many knitters are interested.

But, I must admit, I am a bit shocked by how many indie yarn dyers and Etsy sellers have agreed to donate yarn and knitting goodies for monthly prizes and for our Mystery Sock designers to use with their patterns. Seriously, last I heard from our great and wise Sockdown prize mod (Maia) we had 15 skeins of yarn donated and assorted sundry other goodies.

The challenge doesn’t start until August.

Someone pinch me.

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