Got food poisoning yesterday. Or, something like it. Mum and Emm and I all got sick within 3 hours of eating at Burgerville. *sigh* I also got to take copious amounts of Benadryl, because they use the same oil for french fries and onion rings. Not going there again.

All the Benadryl is making me sleeeepy.

But I was very excited (in a droopy way) to receive two parcels in the mail yesterday. One from Penny, containing ducky finger puppers to cheer me up (and cotton floss):

I have a ducky finger pirate!!!
(Thank you, Penny!)

The other package was from The Loopy Ewe. I gave in and ordered one of their new CTH Sockitome skeins, in “Peacock”:

I ordered it on Friday, wow that was fast.

Because I was feeling quite peaky, I didn’t get much knitting done. I did, however, finally strap some steel to my backbone and grafted on the lace border to Mum’s Oregon lace shawl:

Now I just need to block it.
(This is where I cry: help meeee!)

After finishing that (and staring at the wall for an hour or two), I cast on a pair of Baudelaire, with my ShiBui Knits Sock, in “Orchid”:

And, um, I’m sorry this post is so bare-bones. I’m still a bit peaky.

I went to the East Side Knitters Meet-up at Twisted tonight, even so, and met a bunch of cool knit-bloggers. The ride there was harrowing. The first connection I made was wrong (why am I in the boonies?) and then I accidentally got on the Knight Bus disguised as a Muggle vehicle. I swear to Hashem the bus drove up on curbs and made turns that are impossible within the Laws of Physics.

But, positive note – I arrived still-breathing, met lots of friendly knitters (already noted, I know), and didn’t spend a dime on yarn. Food doesn’t count. We (Aimee and I) have agreed to start a knitting group nearer to us on Tuesday nights. Mabel’s Cafe & Knittery, 6 – 9 pm. Drop by if you’re in SE PDX :D

I think that’s everything. I’ll do better tomorrow, I promise. Over and out.

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