This post is a bit tardy. I uploaded the pictures last night, but then got distracted by cleaning and knitting that I forgot to finish it. Oops? (It’s now 3pm, 7/26/07)

My promise to write better posts is going to be unfulfilled for another day. Sorry. Here’s my Baudelaire progress as of yesterday:

And, here’s the trekking sock enjoying the sun and breeze on the Willamette:

(taken with my phone)

At around 4, Emm started whining (okay, it was closer to nagging) about the fact that I had promised to take a walk with him. I don’t know why the boy won’t go on walks by himself, he just won’t. I decided to look up the Portland parks service website and decided that we would go to Waterfront Park.

By the end of a 2 mi walk, Emm was whining (he really was) because he was hungry. Sometimes I feel like I have a 5 year old. Anyway. I fed him and we made our way home on a packed bus (where I entertained flashbacks of Naples), and my knitting was covertly watched by a couple dozen people.

So… lemme see. The ‘rents came home last night, as the paint fumes were causing Mum to have asthma attacks. They ‘ooh’d and ‘ahh’d over the new spinning wheel and my progress on the MS3.

And, well, that’s about it. I’m going to try and call the Peace Corps again tomorrow (I keep forgetting about the time difference and always manage to call on their lunch break or after closing). Amy Singer will be at the Sip’n’Knit tonight, I’ve already promised to meet with Opus there.

I guess I’d better bring my camera to make up for the last couple of lame posts.

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