My sleep cycle is all wonky after the Harry Potter release party. It’s only been a week, so hopefully it’ll stabilize soon. In the meantime, I’m surviving off of catnaps.

On Friday, Mum and I went to Forest Park, the largest park in any city in the US. Over 5000 acres of greenery, paths, and an Audubon sanctuary. We took the Wildwood path, which curves along a very steep drop (above a 100 ft straight down), but the sock wasn’t too scared:

The dog was tenacious and general pain in the tuckus. I suppose we should consider ourselves lucky he didn’t try to follow a bird off the trail, down the slope. The area is famous for it’s few remaining old growth Douglas Firs – some, I’m told, are up to 8 ft in diameter. The largest we saw was about 6 ft. But, the undergrowth (secondary) was full of maidenhair ferns, Solomon’s seal, and teeny-tiny wild flowers. I really do love the PNW, just for places like this:

Growing up in an area that had been lived on, and tamed by humans, for thousands of years (the Cherokee and Iroquois were settled, remember?) meant that I never saw a tree 100’s of feet high until moving to Oregon. Seeing hundreds of them for the first time (in 2002), blocking out the sun and dizzyingly tall, was an experience I’ll never forget. Even now, thousands of acres of wild forest, old and secondary growth, is awe-inspiring to someone raised on concrete and manicured lawns.

It also impresses (and amuses) the hell outta me that women pioneers settled Oregon wearing corsets and skirts (don’t tell me they didn’t, cuz they did). I often wonder at the foolishness of it all.

But, anyway, that’s enough musing. I know all y’all come for the knitting content.

Today, after sitting through a series excruciatingly off-key Torah readings (oy), meeting some of the local Reconstructionist Shul (I miss East Coast Conservative services so much), and escaping narrowly from a rowdy Bar Mitzvah crowd – I dragged the folks to Lint. If you haven’t heard by now that Lint is closing, you probably don’t live in the PDX area and don’t care.

But, as I do, and the Shul was 5 blocks away, we made a stop. This post definitely qualifies for SSE. 10 balls of Rowan 4-Ply Cotton:

9 in Aegean, for the body of a lace pullover, and 1 in Bluebell for accents.
Can you tell I already have the pattern designed?

Aaand, the last 2 balls of Panda Cotton in white:

For a pair of spocks with antique, enameled black buttons. I cannot wait to finish them. I just have to finish little D’s pair (one nearly done!), and then I can CO my own.

Other than that? I put the spencer-bolero-thing back on the needles, because Opus wants a copy of the pattern – but I have to finish knitting the SBT before I can write a pattern for it. I’m 16 rows away from finishing Clue 2 on the Mystery Stole, and am nearly to the heels on Baudelaire.

And that’s about everything. I hope this post was better than the last few… And, thank you everyone for your congrats! This is so exciting.

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