Arg. Throbbing headache. Short post time. Went to the Portland International Rose Tests Gardens today:

“Wow,” says it all. The perfume was intoxicating, the scenery dazzling, and there was a rainbow of roses spread about. My favourite (other than the one above) was Amethyst:

Honest to goodness, that was the actual colour of the roses.

There was also the Shakespearean garden:

Every plant mentioned by Shakespeare in his plays, sonnets, whatever, was planted there. I couldn’t help but wander around the beds barefoot, indulging in the feeling of lush grass against my soles.

Speaking of soles – baudelaire is nearly to the heels:

And, ouch, too much sun, too much champagne, and just too much stuff today. Gonna go and be quiet in the dark.

About the Author fyberduck

I love socks, lace, and all sorts of ‘traditional’ knitting subjects. I studied Classics and textile history (independent minor) at Uni and have a love of anything ancient. That said, I also like to mix it up with modern shapes and silhouettes, often with a little tradition thrown in for fun.

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