Q: Why have I moved to wordpress (again)?

A: Because they host PDF files and have a number of other pros. I do wish they had an HTML editor like Blogger, but one can’t have everything. Expect this site to be a WIP in itself for the next month or two.


Finally fell asleep at 5 am this morning. But, I also (finally!) discovered one of the reasons I’m so off-schedule. I’ve been taking my antidepressants & claritin when I wake up (noon-ish) and then not being able to fall asleep until at least 3 am. This morning, after sleeping for a couple of hours, I helped Mum and Dad pack off for Eugene and took my meds much earlier than usual.

Strangely enough, I woke up earlier and had more energy during the day. So, I’m going to set my alarm tonight to wake up early and take my meds.

Anyway. One of the good things about last night? I finished my baudelaires:


A better picture and FO write-up are forthcoming. I swear. The pic was taken tonight at Knit/ Purl’s Sip ‘n’ Knit with (sorry) my camera-phone.

I also took a pic of the socks Opus made for meee! Aren’t they loverly?

ShiBui Mosaic sox

Made with two skeins of ShiBuiKnits Sock yarn (dark: “Emerald, light: “Anime”), using one of Barbara Walker’s mosaic patterns. And they’re MINE. All mine. Mwahahaha.

At around 7, Opus and I gave into my rumbling tummy (I’m bad, I ate a bowl of Cheerios for breakfast and lunch… I really hope my Mum doesn’t see this post, actually) . We finally made it to this Lebanese restaurant Opus has been praising for eons.

decimated Lebanese food

It was gooood. And then the evil kind waitress brought us warm baklava. I really didn’t want to leave after that. Mmm… baklava.

It’s only 10 pm, but right now I can barely keep my eyes open. Must be the fact I only got, like, 6 hours of sleep. Urgh. I need to knit something mindless. Ooh, Jon Stewart is on.


  1. Man, I could have met you in Portland before I even “met” you online! When we were there in May, our hotel was just a block from Knit/Purl, and when I stopped in there to shop on a Wednesday, the very nice shop lady told me about the Thursday night knitting group and invited me to join. And I was totally going to do it, except that then my husband and I didn’t get back from whatever it was that we did on Thursday until it was too late for me to go. Bummer!

  2. WordPress does have an HTML editor! You may need to fuss around to make it your default but it’s one of my favorite things about WP, that you can go back and forth between “code” and “visual.” The Baudelaires look great!

  3. Hi! I *LOVE* your header photo!!! Did you take it yourself??? I agree with Annie, I think wordpress does have an HTML editor, I switch back and forth between “code” and “visual” all the time. Maybe the wordpress.com kind of blog doesn’t though, but why would that be? Hummm…..

  4. Luverly socks! glad to hear that you figured out when to take the meds. Sometimes I think that’s the biggest challenge…figuring out what works for your schedule and body. Mmmm, baklava….

  5. I hear you on the Blogger vs. WordPress debate. For the time being I’m using both, though I am leaning towards Blogger so that I can use html scripts and widgets.

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