Nihon, “Japan”

We (Opus, Mum and myself) went to the Japanese Gardens today. They’re a series of private gardens located in Washington Park with the Rose Garden, Oregon Zoo, and the Arboretum (among other things). Climbing up the hill the Gardens sit atop was akin to traveling to Japan, from everything I’ve been told. Cool, humid, and misty. Fun.

I actually managed to remember to bring my digicam today (no cellphone pix this time), and get off a few shots before the batteries died (yes, there was a fatal flaw in my plan). One of my favourite spots was a large Zen Garden, located next to the pavilion:


Geraldine was impressed with the swirling beauty of one of the rocks beside the Zen Garden:


Opus’ sock, not to be outdone, wanted a photo as well:


What do you see in the stone? I see faces and birds. Mum saw the ocean…

My favourite garden had to be the Strolling Pond Garden:


Aside from the waterfall sounding soothing, the koi were fun to watch (and tease) as we strolled along the raised walkways (no, I didn’t poke them with sticks).


I was the only one who managed to get the giant koi to come up to my fingers. They didn’t want to be petted, but were curious enough to check me out. Mum was disappointed that they didn’t come closer to her:


Which might be why I overheard her referring to them as “glorified catfish” as I walked away.

Unfortunately, my camera died at this point. I stole borrowed Mum’s and took tons of pictures (hey, she wasn’t using it!), but it turns out she doesn’t have the cable or chip transfer dock – so the pix are going to remain in her camera for an undisclosed amount of time. There are some more pictures of the gardens (from my camera) on my flickr account.

After that, we three headed off to downtown and hit the Museum of Contemporary Craft. It’s really quite tragic that Mum is such a computer d0rk, because I got the best pic of Opus holding her traveling sock up against a giant sign, “CRAFT”. I mean, really.

We finally got thrown out of the Museum at closing. The exhibit definitely impressed me. And had they allowed photography, there’d be a number of photos on Mum’s camera right now. As it was, I managed to convince Opus to be my lookout so I could take a photo of the coolest chair ever. Which is, so sorry to say, stuck on Mum’s camera.

From there was some Pho Tai, a Max Station for Opus, a nap for me, and Zodiac (which was quite good). I managed to turn the heel of Geraldine #1 during the film and make up another chart for the pattern.

And that’s about everything. Ja ne!


  1. How funny, Me & the boy were going to go the Gardens on Friday! I haven’t been since I moved here 10 years ago – they look just as beautiful as they did last time I was there! :)

    Now I’m going to have to check out that Museum.

  2. I like he zen garden and the waterfall pics. Although you rhistory of taking pictures uggests you might want to start a checklist before you leave the house…..

  3. so beautiful. i agree with crimson. heck, i was in tokyo about this time last year (sniff i want to go back) and i don’t recall sites as lovely!

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