I’m tired. Mum and Charlie and I went to Sauvie Island again. We went to the ponds (and island) at the center of the island. Where there was lots of wild grass and wildflowers:

wild grasses

Charlie had fun at several of the ponds. He even tried to help me catch frogs.

charlie on the rocks
(he was better at scaring them off than catching them, but don’t tell him that)

Umm, from there we went to a lot of farms…

fields of wheat

And bought fruit and saw baby bunnies,

baby bunnies

Brahma and long-horns moos, which were annoyed to be photographed:


And then a U-pick place:

bayberry fields


u-pick blueberries

From there we came home, along the southern dike:

the south dike

I worked on Geraldine #1 and am about to BO the cuff:

geraldine 1 progress

And the pies we made with the blueberries we picked today are baking right now.

Ick. This post is like a 3rd grader’s “What I Did This Summer” paper. I’ll do better tomorrow, I promise. I think I’ll go and BO those socks, as they don’t require an sort of coherence.


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