Because I’m a flake right now, and not feeling too good, I forgot to take pictures of my knitting progress. Bad me. I have managed, tho, to knit: half of the foot of Colinette 1, most of the 2nd sleeve on Miss Lizzy’s Spencer (10 rows to the cuff!), and a couple of rows on Slightly Twisted Sock 2. I have not managed to, however, pick up the Celtic Cables cap again, finish little D’s socks, or even get more than a load of laundry done today.


Somehow, the gnomes returned Mum’s camera accessories today, so I finally managed to download all the photos from the Japanese Garden and The Museum of Contemporary Craft. Here are a few of the many:


Above: The winding bridge that crosses the koi pond.



Above: the Moon Creek Bridge, viewed from a smaller bridge down-creek.


Above: the Natural Garden path crossroads and winding stair, viewed from inside a Japanese traveler’s way station.


Above: Opus and her traveling sock beside the sign “CRAFT”.

If you want to see more photos from the Japanese Garden, click here.

And, now, I shall go back to finishing that spencer and folding some laundry :P


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