Feet blistered. But it was definitely worth it. I’m all by my lonesome right now; taking care of the dog, doing laundry, cleaning, knitting. Well, knitting tends to get done more than the other activities on the list. The Family is away and I am blissfully alone right now.

Well, almost. Charlie is a border collie mutt. Charlie is incredibly neurotic. Charlie chews on his feet when Mum and Dad are away. I could pet him all day long, and he’d still chew on them. The thought of slipping him some Prozac crossed my mind several times today.

Sooo… I took him out into the back yard and threw his squeaky toy around until he wouldn’t run for it anymore. He’d just stand there, panting, looking at me like, “Aren’t you gonna go get that?”

Which was when I led him back inside and let him collapse. An exhausted border collie is a much less neurotic border collie.

And, while I was outside, I took a photo of Colinette’s progress:

Colinette 1 progress

Umm, Colinette is going on hold since I haven’t designed the heel yet. I didn’t think I’d get to it so fast, honestly. The mitigating factor in it’s progress has to do with the fact that I have too many WIPs and too many WIP bags containing them – so I grabbed the wrong project on the way out the house.

On the way to tonight’s Sip ‘n’ Knit I had planned to work on the Slightly Twisted Sock 2, and then on Bean’s present 3 at Knit/ Purl. Instead, I worked on Bean’s present on the bus (not the best idea, I admit), and Colinette 1 at the store. (sigh)

Some projects really aren’t meant for travel. (But, because of the bus-time, I’m 1/2 way through Bean’s, uh, thingy and will be able to ship the set off soon! Thus proving that I am not a deadbeat, but just need more time than G-d has deemed to give me everyday. Okay, admittedly, this is my fault. I should have considered the ramifications of knitting something at 9.5 sts/ inch.)

Anyway. Moving on.

D, at Knit/ Purl, gave me 4 skeins of ShiBui Sock yarn for the ShiBui Spocks pattern. I got to go into the Inner Sanctum of the Bat Cave ShiBui (Knit/ Purl) yarn storage rooms. (drool) I was good, I only looked and touched everything and drooled and went “ooh” and “ahh” a lot.

Is it so wrong that I wanted to move into the ShiBui stock room?

No, of course not.

Other news? Not much. Mum caught a newt for me (in Eugene). How funny. It was hiding in the outdoor workbench we have at the house in Eugene. So, she called me up and described it – asking me to find out what it’s habitat and diet were. Right. Have you ever tried to identify an animal using just the internet and another person’s description?

Probably not. Most people must be more sensible than us.

We’ve decided to name him (her?) Fig.


  1. sure..I get questions like that all the time…but I’m a public librarian. I also get “capture the snake” detail when they crawl into the library looking for water.

    The things they don’t tell you to expect–enjoy your newt!

  2. When I used to work at the return desk at Lowes (the home improvement joint) I always got mouse detail, because invariably when you have LOTS of seed you WILL have LOTS of mice. When mice make homes in forgotten bags of grass seed and have babies… you get GREEN mice. Its kinda awesome actually and weird all at once.
    The mice made me nervous though. I would catch them and release them all humanely…… but late at night when the store closed and they turned the lights off to lock up…. you would suddenly see many tiny wee shapes darting back and forth from beneath the shelves across the aisles. The knowledge that I was clandestinely surrounded by wee little vermin did nothing to calm my fears. Had I been a poisoner, I’m sure they would have overrun me like the little compy dinosaurs from Jurassic Park 2- however I was an evicter which I’m sure made them no more happier.

  3. Ah yes, the long distance identification of something. Often at work I get a call describing a pill and then I am expected to identify it. But I will always remember the call I got where the printing on the tablet matched one I knew quite well, but the colour described was completely wrong. when questioned more closely, after several definitive statements as to what the colour of the pill was, the caller admitted that he had colour blindness and maybe what he saw was off!

  4. Love the pink color and the pattern!
    Thank you for the geraldine pattern! I think i will really like knitting that up.
    I have a question about mosaic socks. Do they typically take just two skiens (one of the main color and one of the contrasting color)? or do they use two skiens of one color and one of the other? Thanks for any advice and wisdom you can impart!
    I have now become addicted to shibui thanks to your posts! (enabler!) and have ordered much from knit-purl! what a great store! (and I live on the east coast)

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