It turns out Fig is either an Oregon Slender Salamander or a Clouded Salamander. It took Mum and I nearly half an hour in the Audubon shop to actually find a book with something like him in it. We probably won’t be able to tell what type s/he is until maturity. Right now Fig is in the midst of the metamorphic phase and doesn’t have much colouring yet :)

But he seems to really like his terrarium (especially the little Maidenhair Fern we put in with him), and it also looks like he ate all the baby crickets we bought yesterday. Kinda shocking. Maybe we need to get bigger crickets.

Anyway. Mum and I took Charlie to Forest Park again. I love this park. For once I had my camera and fully charged batteries. Lemme see… I loved this log, because the moss was growing on it in spirals:


Charlie really, really, really enjoyed playing in the creek. We finally had to drag him out and back onto the path. We also met a nice couple with a seeing-eye dog who was so cuddly and enormous, Charlie didn’t quite know what to do with him. I threw sticks for them both. But, no matter what, Charlie wouldn’t follow either of us into this pool, not even for a stick:


Walking down the path, we saw the coolest crumbling structure that I couldn’t resist exploring:


I loved seeing the ferns and moss growing right out of the stonework, and the way nature was slowly absorbing it:


Charlie was fascinated by something there:


Eventually we moved along and I couldn’t resist photographing the coolest tree-roots I’ve ever seen. I’ve never see so many fallen/ downed trees (naturally gone “whoomph!”) in my whole life than I’ve seen in Oregon:


Back home they were dragged out and cut up. Here they cut out the part that’s obstructing the path, and let the rest do what fallen trees do. It was fascinating to Mum that part of the tree had been polished smooth by years of water-wear:


Soon we realised that we had one heck of a return trek to tackle and made ourselves turn around. I love creek beds, but I have to say that the climb back up their ravines is never fun. But, we made it and went and got some congratulatory gelati to celebrate the fact that we didn’t call search & rescue or for an airlift.

Then we went home and crashed for some time. Seriously, we went hiking for 2 or 3 hours. Easily.

This evening, I got back to work on my newest sock design. I’m tempted to change the name because “Colinette” no longer fits. It needs something more, well, French. You’ll understand when you see the finished socks. Here’s my progress as of an hour ago:


Also, I have a small request. Could you please, please, please measure your legs for me? ShiBui wants a knee-high version of the Spocks and I need to figure out the average measurements for each size. Also, children’s measurements would be lovely, too. Here’s the #’s I need:

  • Age (for child sizes):
  • Shoe size:
  • Instep circumference:
  • Ankle circumference:
  • Calf length (ankle to just below the knee)
  • Calf circumference at largest measurement:
  • Below knee circumference:

Thank you!


  1. I love those pictures! The Mister and I rfer to them as Faerie Pictures because they look like at any moment a wee faerie will pop out of hiding.

    In reply to your comment on my blog (your yahoo email addy is bouncing back emails as “undeliverable”) a sleeping Daniel’s head measures 17inches and a sleepy mommy’s shoe size is US8

    When I’ve had some coffee I’ll tackle my kids and measure them for you- be forewarned, Pittsburgh is all hills so they have wee mountain goat legs.

  2. One day I am coming to visit and you are going to take me to all these lovely places you are going to! The socks are lovely. Perhaps “Tres Belle” for a name? I will measure once I get home and let you know….

  3. Check out Sensational knitted socks by Charlene Schurch, pgs 13 – 15! You’ll love it. sizing charts for women, men and children. Am using it for multiple sizes for the cable sock class!


  4. Start pestering me after Tuesday (in Sept) if that’s not too late. I have child size foot but more “adult” (doubt it can still be termed athletic) calf.

    After Gloria we opted not to totally tear out the huge tree trunk that fell down (and through some act of something turned and didn’t fall on the house and the “glass room” we were in) and the root/base was soo nice and mossy-ferny. Oh I miss that house!

  5. ok i managed to get my 2 girls to sit still for a minute to measure them. now they are 3 and 5 and they are the same size. The 5 year old got the short genes and the 3 got the tall genes (that is how it is in our families you are either 6 foot or 5 foot).
    here are the 3 year olds measurements (I listed in the same order as you wrote) size 11,instep 6.5, ankle 7, calf length 7.5, calf cir 9.25, and below knee 9.

    5 year old: size 11, instep 6.25, ankle 6.5, calf length 7.75, calf cir 9 and below knee 8.5

    mine are :size 10, instep 9, ankle 9.5, calf length 12 , calf circ 16.5 and knee 15.

    hope this helps =)

  6. age: almost 28

    shoe size: er… anywhere between a women’s 5 (35) to a kid’s 2.5 (33) .. totally depends on the shoe. my foot stopped growing when i was 9. But I was always SMALLest. Does that help? foot length is about 8.25in

    hope i did these right:
    instep circ: 7.5in
    ankle circ: 7.75in
    calf length: 10in (11 if i go mid-ankle)
    calf circ: 12.5in
    below knee: 11.75in

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