It was baby T’s FIRST birthday on Friday (Aug 24) and I just got the photos


It’s a tradition in our household that babies get their own birthday cake on their 1st b-day, to do whatever they want with it. It’s also an unofficial tradition that they get icing and cake everywhere – the walls, the ceiling, their hair, your hair, on the dog…

Luckily she was clean for her party, tho (which was thrown mostly for the benefit of her older brother and cousins, I’d bet)


And, just aaawww:


She has teeth.

Happy Birthday, Tegan! And Happy Motherhood Day to my sister, Alexa!


  1. Hey Sara, thanks for putting up these photos of my little girl! I just have to say, for the record, that her only party was at home, with family. The photo of her crawling through the rainbow tunnely-thing was from her Gymboree class, which is a once-a-week music/activity class that we attend on Fridays. While I know that birthday parties outside of the house at overpriced venues aren’t that far off, I’m going to postpone the inevitable for as long as possible… :-)

  2. she is soo adorable! i plotz along with you and am happy i didn’t have to clean her (and the ceiling). ;) happy birth-mother-day to both! (and happy aunt-day! ;) )

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