(now named Chartres, which will make sense once the sock is completed)

has been sidelined by this

ShiBui Spocks wip

(the first adult ShiBui Spock in “peacock”)

I, in my youthful confidence and arrogance, proclaimed far and wide at Knit/ Purl on Saturday that I would have a ShiBui Spock knitted up by the following Thursday’s Sip ‘n’ Knit. And, look at that, today’s Wednesday.

In my defense, I wasn’t expecting to have to unload and move all of Mum’s paintings, clean the garage, clean the house, and keep Mum from living off of ice cream in the 5 days I’d given myself.

Which means that today I frantically wound the skein into a ball, checked and rechecked the pattern I spent hours editing yesterday, quickly swatched and cast on. As of right now I’m an inch away from the new and improved heel (see, I have been doing something other than cleaning or hiking at Forest Park).

If I actually manage to make my own idiotic deadline, I’ll… have three more Spocks to knit. I shouldn’t have told myself that. But you, yes YOU, need to give me your leg measurements so I can actually write a knee-high version of this pattern. Please.

Other news? I’ve finally pared down my Bloglines subscripts to the blogs that actually update more frequently than once every leap-year or less than 3 posts a day. Subsequently, I should be catching up with other people’s lives eventually. Sooo, if I respond to a post you made, oh, 3 years ago – don’t be too surprised. Last I checked I was done to 3-digits with a 1 in front. Maybe I’ll be caught up by the New Year. (Western, not Jewish)

And, just to prove that I am a spinner and that my wheel hasn’t been collecting dust, I show you this – 2 oz of lace-weight Chasing Rainbows merino/ cashmere in “Hyacinth” that is waiting patiently for it’s mate, 2 oz of Chasing Rainbows silk/ cashmere in “Hyacinth”:


(I swear it looks more vibrant in person)


  1. {hugs} i *might* have packed a proper tape measure. if so you’ll get measurements later. also, i’m aiming for chinese new year for being “caught up” … getting caught up by this (jewish) new year? *snort* in my dreams perhaps.

    good luck!

  2. Hi! I’ve been lurking for a couple years off and on (I think) and figured I’d send you knee high meas. for your spocks.
    shoe size is 9 to 9 and a half womens
    instep is 8 3/4″
    ankle circ. is 8 1/4″
    calf length is 12″
    widest calf circ. is 13 3/4″
    below the knee circ is (leg straight and bent) 13″ and 13 1/2″
    Hope this helps!

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