The tacky Versailles fan was pulled out today, the heat and humidity had returned so oppressively. To further illustrate my point, the Versailles fan was purchased (funnily enough) at Versailles on a very hot, very un-A/C’d, very French day. It’s gilded plastic and printed fabric of Romantic-style ladies, trimmed with gold lace. Very few things in the world come tackier than this fan. Which is one of the reasons it survived the trip across Europe (buried in the depths of my luggage where not even the stoutest pick-pocket would venture), and why it still lives to emerge on unbearable days even now.

You can easily understand why I didn’t want to be seen in public with the Versailles fan, once we escaped Paris, so that makes my decision to actually carry it out in public here, in America, that much more illuminating.

Today was hot.

Thank goodness we have A/C. Alas, I couldn’t take the A/C unit with me on the bus or into downtown Portland, so I spent as much time as I could frantically working on ShiBui Pea-Spock #1 at home:


(the photo is blurry because I was in such a rush to finish. right.)

I ended ripping out the heel 2 times and tinking back this heel twice as well. No one can say I don’t take my knitting seriously, I guess. To keep my sanity from completely slipping away, periodic breaks were alloted. One couldn’t exactly call them “rewards” – seriously, who wants to clean or wash the dog? But, I managed to make it through the day without ripping my hair out.

Oh, and if you see me on the ASPCA’s Most Wanted List, it’s because Charlie’s howling could be heard in Idaho when we washed him this afternoon. From the noise he made you’d think we were using lye soap and a wire-brush, for goodness sake. And the resistance? Oy, don’t get me started.

Moving on.

I brought Miss Lizzy’s Spencer to tonight’s Sip ‘n’ Knit and snagged Teresa as my model:


It was a little big on her, but she totally worked it:


I’m still working on finishing the pattern, but at least now I have photos for it when I do finish. After everything else, anyway.

And can I honestly say I escaped Knit/Purl tonight without purchasing yarn?

No. My Habu organzine silk arrived a week or two ago and I finally remembered that while I was in the store tonight. W00T. Yarn p0rn will be shared tomorrow. This little lovely deserves a photo shoot all to itself.

Now I shall go forth and contemplate the nature of button bands and socks. An’ whe’er the twain weur e’er meant ta meet.


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