I finished the Slightly Twisted Sock #2 today, making for a finished pair. Since I’d written up the pattern weeks ago, all I needed was some pictures to tie everything up:






For more information on the socks and free pattern, click here.

Other stuff? Bad allergic reaction to something I ate yesterday and Saturday. Still feel yucky. This has been happening once a week since moving to Portland. I cannot figure out what I’m reacting to. Sooo, gonna try keeping a food journal. Blast, already forgot to write down today.

Yeah, this is gonna work.

No more Benadryl for me. Think I’m gonna go knit something. An FO means I can CO something new, right? I really want to try out Maia’s SKA Mystery Sock pattern, Scheherazade’s Slippers. Need to find some yarn for that, tho. Variegated would be appropriate. Hm, must go raid the stash.

Startitis, my mistress, doth call me.


  1. Very nice socks! I just need to find a pair of slides/clogs/whatever to justify fancy heels again.

    Try Joesgoals.com for journaling stuff if paper-n-pencil aren’t working. Sorry to hear of the bad reactions. :(

  2. B-E-A-U-ti-ful socks! I love the colors. Wow and your blog looks so different, I thought I took a wrong turn somewhere on the cyber highway:) I love your tagline, btw…

  3. Loverly socks! I’ll let you know when the pair I’ve been working on since, oh… January, are finished (if it’s before 2009, I’ll be happy). And yeah, food journals are hard. I had to keep one when I was having weirdness (turned out to be lactose intolerance) last year and I was always forgetting to write stuff down. Just try to keep up with it as much as you can and if you forget, just keep going, don’t give up. Aw, I’m so inspirational.

    Mmmm… colourful socks…..

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