Shocking though it might seem, I finished knitting another pair of socks* tonight:


A better picture and the pattern will be posted tomorrow. I swear.  But, really, how could I deny anyone the horrible, too-flashy, late-night, FO picture after months of carefully planned day shots?

Right now I’m doing everything I can to avoid dealing with reality.  I need to work on the right ShiBui Spock tonight (I have the yarn sitting here next to me, pinned by a swift and ball-winder).  I also need to work on Stephie’s present, which is much more tempting than the spock.

I want two more sets of arms.  I’m certain I could manage to knit on 3 projects at once, I just lack the physical capability.  Anyone else want to petition G-d for a change of anatomy?

I also want to have to sleep less.  I should make a list, so I’m ready when this comes up.

*Yes, I do know how to knit other things.  In fact, I really want to knit other things than socks.  The socks are just bossier than lace and jumpers.   


  1. Yes, sock yarn is quite bossy. I have recently found a way to shut my stash up! I know!! I just buy some self striping and use 3.25mm needles and threaten the rest of the stash that it’ll all be knit up on those and plain stockinette. I find that most of the yarn is too vain and prissy (especially that fleece artist) to accept that. ;) The self striping doesn’t mind because it knows once it’s bought it’ll probably have my caresses quickly because if it’s speed.

  2. I’ve been hoping for extra arms lately, too….sigh.

    Really, I am seriously considering whether I want to use up a week of my vacation time to just sit at home and knit for a week non-stop, just to see what I could get through!

  3. Whoo! Your sock knitting clearly takes up the slack that I’m providing in the Sock Knitting Universe. But I think I have a suitable yarn for some Monkeys. They just had better not be too bossy; I will sass them right back.

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