I can barely contain my excitement. I was asked, tonight, to be a designer for ShiBui Knits. They’ve requested the right of first refusal. And they even gave me yarn to swatch several projects I have in my head. ((shrieks again, runs around, sits back down))

Umm, they’re also interested in the modified version of Chartres I have in my head, as well. Soo… I’m sorry, no new pattern tonight. I’m afraid the pattern company with cash wins the pattern. But here are some better pictures, so you don’t hate me completely:


And some of the heel and cuff detail:


I’m going to change the pattern quite a bit, anyway. Since I made up the cuff lace, I figure why not create an instep design to go with? Mostly because I don’t like the traditional “Smiling Diamonds” lace as much as I did. Something connected to the cuff and more copacetic with the heel will be good. Better, really.

So, yay!, that’s my good news for the next month (probably). I need to go and work on the ShiBui Spocks now. I’m on the heel of the right calf-high spock at the moment. I’m hoping to finish the set completely tonight and then block them tomorrow when I CO for the child’s knee-high version.

Breathe. I need to breathe. And learn to knit in my sleep. It’s the only way I’ll ever knit everything I want to. Is there, like, a self-hypnosis tape for that?


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