Thank you, guys! Everyone’s support and congratulations have been really encouraging. Hopefully, I’ll do something great with this opportunity. Or, you know, at least not screw it up too badly :)

As promised, the obligatory spocks-blocking photo:


(the stitch markers are being used in place of buttons, which I haven’t been given yet)

And the next set, the child’s knee-high spocks, after being ripped twice:


I discovered several errors in the pattern. My fault, no one else’s, I admit that. I also admit that I shouldn’t try to write unconventional patterns at 2 am. But, thank goodness, after a couple of false starts I’m almost to the left spock’s heel.  These will be done by Thursday.  Even if I have to kidnap another knitter to do it.

It’s a good thing these won’t be in my size.  It’s a widely known fact that I love ShiBui sock yarn.  But this Peony might be the undoing of me.  It is soooo delicious.  I really hated working on the Peacock.  It just wasn’t my colour.  The Peony, however, is.  Yumyumyum.

Now all I have to hope for is that the fourth time is the charm when writing children’s knee-high patterns.  My math has been so wonky lately.  Since when does 24 + 20 = 52?  Man, I need an editor.  But I refuse to send the pattern to Kristin (the ShiBuiKnits pattern queen) until I’m not ashamed to attach my name to it…

Heh.  Might be a while.

Or not.  I’m quickly getting sick of socks that button up.

And so must you be.  Other topics?   I flooded the garage today when doing the laundry.  My first load was fine.  The second?  Something must have gotten knocked into the drainpipe between loads… or I have imps… cuz, whoa!  Hurricane flashbacks.  With detergent.

Which meant I had to empty out the eastern half of the garage, drag relatives out of bed for help, and expose our dirty laundry to the neighborhood while we aired out everything.

Maybe I should stick to the knitting.   Or playing with the blog’s template.  Notice the Latin?  Sorry, couldn’t resist.  Gotta do something between pattern edits.   Other than flooding the garage.

Maybe I need a keeper.

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  1. Congrats on all the shibui goodness!
    I am currently working up a good shibui collection.
    I like the latin. but no Latin for knit-a-longs or blog rolls?
    The closest thing I could come up with for “to knit” in Latin was pronecto, but I have not seen it in the sense of material knitting. Horace must not have been much of a knitter! I am sure there must be a better word!

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