No.  Really.  I am.

I’m so stupid right now I need to go and knit a garter-stitch scarf or something.

The mistake I made with the knee-high spock pattern is so painfully embarrassing, and just plain painful, I can’t even look at it right now.  I’m going to have to rip the entire thing.


Do I even have any no-thinking-required projects on the needles now?  I don’t trust myself enough to CO a project.


  1. sleep. sleep is good. i can’t knit garter so don’t look over here.

    and don’t be embarrassed about it. you are HUMAN and i’m happy your found it now, you admitted it, and you’ll sleep on it, then you’ll fix it.. frog if you have to, tink if you can, and we’ll move on.


  2. I usually go for a beer when that happens or I bake a big pan of brownies.

    You will be fine after a break from it. That’s what is so great about knitting, you can go back an fix your mistakes.

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