While I may be a Bad Jew sometimes, even I won’t ignore Rosh Hashanah (which, incidentally, starts tonight). It’s one of my favourite holidays, regardless of the fact that it’s a High Holiday. And day of the year I’m expected to eat apples and honey and just plain celebrate is a good day, IMHO.

But, since the Jewish calendar is a lunar calendar, festivals and holidays always start at sundown. Which should more than explain why I’m posting in the middle of the day. Tonight, maybe, we’ll go to services (Dad sounds so exhausted). But even if we don’t, we’ll celebrate at home.

Anyway. Here’s my knitting progress:

STR Jaywalkers and a brand-new pattern for ShiBui, if they’re interested. While I was outside taking a photo (can’t beat natural light), I saw these:

Went, “Oh!” and dashed back inside to grab a bowl:

Mmm, vine-ripened Roma tomatoes. Yum-my. I’m thinking bruschetta or insalata caprese. It was quite shocking to see the little things all over the ground because I checked the tomato plant the day before yesterday and the fruit were barely orange!

Uhoh, Mum’s home.  Time to find our shofar.  I’ll post pictures of Tashlich tomorrow.  Happy New Year!


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