It’s blocking, it’s finally finally blocking. I took this photo between pinnings:


I think I used over 100 pins, because I used one 50 pin pack from Clover (wow, those double pins ARE nice) and quite a few regular pins as well. Every single point is pinned out.

My back aches. So’s my head. Oy. Blocking lace ain’t fun.

But I couldn’t resist the chance to block the damn thing what with Mum and Dad and Charlie in Eugene and their Queen-sized bed all empty (and dog-free). This also means that Mum can’t complain about the shawl being “unfinished” any longer.

Haha, just in time for her birthday, a year later. Wow, I’m quick. (sigh) I’m going to remember this the next time I want to knit a present for someone (well, that isn’t socks). And TheBon’s wedding present (ack). And Emmos’ b-day present (which I scrapped). Knitting presents really just isn’t efficient for me…

Anyway. I have a meeting with ShiBui tomorrow (or I think I do) and I want to have everything ready in time – which means I need to:

  1. sew 11 buttons onto a calf-high spock
  2. edit the knee-high spock pattern again
  3. edit Clara and print it out
  4. find some Tylenol

Wish me luck! Please ^_^


  1. Beautiful shawl! And I’m planning on making your little baby cardi AND your chocolate challah very soon. Yummm.

    A little bird (a knittyboarder) told me that you might have 3 hanks of KnitPicks merino/silk undyed fingering weight yarn. . . which is currently out of stock on their website. I’m 30 weeks pregnant (due in 10 weeks) and had really hoped to use this yarn to make my dream baby blanket–the beautiful alphabet lace letter blankie in Debbie Bliss’s Baby Knits Book. I swatched with some leftover Gloss from my stash, and it worked perfectly. . . then I went to order the undyed yarn and it’s out of stock! Is there any chance you’d consider swapping with me and/or selling the yarn to me? You can email me if you’re interested.


    (p.s. I live in Portland, Oregon)

  2. Psst! I responded to your email a couple of days ago, but I’m wondering if it ended up in your spam folder? Will you be at OFFF on Sunday?

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