Lemme see. The chicken stock is simmering (for my infamous minstro con pollo). The laundry is, er, washing (?). The public rooms are mostly clean (I haven’t gotten to the kitchen yet). And the cloche is blocking in the sun:


I need to tweak the pattern just a bit, and then I’ll be happy to attach my name to it. I love alpaca felt. It’s so soft, but still has a little body. It’s not as stiff as wool, which definitely leads to pros and cons about shaping.

Impulsive, am I? Yes, yes, I am. And it’s all mostly Stephieface’s fault. On top of agreeing to sell 3 more patterns to ShiBui (which I’ve got to, y’know, write), I’ve also signed up for one swap and agreed to organize another.

Cuz, y’know, organizing Sockdown and looking for a job and doing work for ShiBui just wasn’t enough to keep me busy until the end of days. Clearly. Oh, and this Sunday I’m going to OFF&F to demonstrate a sheep-to-shawl for the public. Yom Kippur is on Saturday, so I also get to repent for last year’s sins in my “spare” time, too.

Someone poke me with their Addi’s then next time I try to volunteer to do anything.


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