I am brain-dead and exhausted and overfed in the worst best way. But, Mum’s shawl has finished blocking, so I can comfort myself with how lovely it looks. Bless Cat for modeling it for me:



Project Specs:

  • Cast on: Um, August 2006?
  • Blocked: September 2007 (don’t judge me)
  • Yarn: Knit Pick’s “Shadow” in Oregon Coast
  • Pattern: The Yarn Harlot’s “Snowdrop Shawl”
  • Recipient: Mum
  • Modifications: inserted the traditional Shetland lace pattern “Falling Leaves” and changed the border.

Aside from needing a model, I brought it to tonight’s Sip’n’Knit just to prove to the girls that I DO knit other things than socks. Not many other things, admittedly, but it DOES happen. Neider.

The bitter? Mum felted her spocks. (weep) I didn’t know that the wool in Panda Wool isn’t superwash, so I didn’t tell her to handwash them. They’re tiny now:


They shrank from 7.5 sts/ inch to 9.25 sts/ inch. It hurts to look at them. I don’t even know what to do with ’em now, either. And Mum’s already requesting a replacement pair. Normally I’d tell her tough luck, but I feel partially responsible for not investigating the Panda Wool more :(

We drowned our sorrows in chocolate at Pix. I tried the Amelie, which won the Patis France Chocolat Competition. I can’t even describe eating it. It was like reaching nirvana. I actually started having a physical nervous reaction from the overwhelming chocolate-ness of it all. Dear G-d.

Still, even the chocolate and the sympathy of The Girls wasn’t enough. I needed comfort food. Strange how my definition of comfort food is… broad. We went to a new restaurant, down the street from Knit/Purl, called Habibi. I love Lebanese food. Seriously, there isn’t enough hummus and tahini in the world for me. Opus loves Lebanese, so we decided to make a treat of it. We got traditional peach juice (fresh squeezed with rose water and lemon juice!), falafel mezza AND the largest bowl of panna cotta I have ever seen. The look on Opus’ face (and the couple next to us, too) was worthy of a snapshot:


The waiter joked that it was for the four of us to share.

The couple next to us stared at it and the lady replied, “I don’t think even we can help you finish that!”

It was really good though. The leftovers I brought home were snarfled up right quickly. And Opus’ panna cotta was so sweet and light it practically floated. Yum. I will definitely be hitting this place again.

Anyway. Other news? I changed the blog’s layout again. But I’m much happier with it now. Eventually I’ll get it to where I’m perfectly satisfied. Maybe. Hopefully, right?

Tomorrow night is Kol Nidre. Time to repent. I need to find something white to wear and pull out my tallis.

And Sunday is the Sheep-to-Shawl demonstration. I’ve borrowed a table loom from Opus’ mum (bless her), and she even gave me some wool warp. All I need to do is find the time to wind the warp and put half of it on – I’m thinking of leaving the other half off for the demo. We’ll see.

So much to do. Oy. Maybe Hashem will grant me some common sense in the new year. If I’m lucky ^_^


  1. gorgeous shawl.

    nice new theme! i like the clarity (actually pretty amazon right now, but i like it).

    Regarding the size of the felted spocks.. what are you going to do with them? they might fit someone with little feets… if they need a good home..

    may you have an easy fast and a good sealing.

  2. Beee-yooo-ti-ful shawl! Too bad about the Spocks. I would be really pissed. Definitely comfort food time! Whatever your definition of comfort food actually IS! :)

  3. In case anyone comes across this post much later in time… the spocks fit me! :) they’re beautiful … i feel badly that they felted but happy to give them a good home.

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