I finished Clara today, and managed to take one semi-decent photo of it. Even so, you still can’t see most of the brim shaping. Photographing one’s own head is really quite tricky…

Clara 1.0

As I went back into the house to upload the photo to flickr, I checked ravelry. Bless the internet and ravelry. I was so lucky that I caught Moirae‘s message, asking if I’d be at Terry Pratchett’s book signing tonight. After taking a moment to process her question, I shrieked in horror. I thought he was coming to Portland on the 28th, not the 26th.

So, at 5:10 pm, I dragged my brother out the door with me (I never would of heard the end of it otherwise), left a message on Opus’ machine, and dashed to catch a bus to connect with the MAX.

We actually made it to Powell’s on time (6:54 pm) and I even managed to snag one of the last copies of his new book, Making Money. Knowing Mum was going to be really disappointed she missed this, I asked him to inscribe the book to her. I’ll grab a paperback copy for myself later. I did get him to sign my copy of Small G-ds (my favourite Discworld novel, I am a Classicist), and a book for some random guy who didn’t get there in time to buy the new one.

I also managed something slightly crazy I think Stephieface will appreciate. I’ve been working on a pair of Jaywalkers for her all month (she just had her fourth baby, she deserves a pair of pretty handknit socks IMHO), so the first thing I grabbed on the way out of the house was them and my digicam – hoping to convince Mr Pratchett to pose with my “traveling socks”*. He did.


He refused to pose with a smile, opting instead to scrutinize them, but hey…


He held the socks!!!

His manager-guy was very chatty and made several knitting puns, making me feel a little less like a freak. Maybe they’ve gotten this kind of request before? Since there were about 100 people in line behind me, I thanked him and dashed away and tried not to look embarrassed. I am proud of the fact that I carry traveling socks with me. It’s just hard to explain it to the Muggles.

After that, Opus and Emm and I went to dinner and caught the MAX home. We also caught the very-nearly last bus home. Whoo. What a frenetic night.

And then a kitty tried to come home with us. Literally. She followed us from the bus stop. Emm had to gently nudge her away with his foot as she tried to come in the front door. Weird.

I’m going to go and sit and read. I have a new book that’s whispering sweet nothings to me.

*The reason Emm decided to come with me: he wanted to see me ask Mr Pratchett to hold the traveling socks. I have a feeling this is going to become a family joke very, very soon.


  1. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Terry Pratchett! Socks! Terry Pratchett fondling socks! Terry Pratchett fondling socks you’re making for me?!

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are the awesomest person ever!

  2. I love that your traveling socks met Terry Pratchett! He almost looks likes he’s trying to figure out how they’re constructed, which is rather endearing. So cool!

  3. OMG I missed Terry Pratchett!!!!!!!! :( Well I’m glad that you found your way there and you got him to scrutinize your traveling sock. How was his talk? Is he as witty and funny in person as his writing is? Wow I’m so jealous!

  4. I am so jealous of your traveling sock! (And you too, now that I think about it.) Please mention some time how the book is – I probably have enough room on my Pratchett shelf for another volume, but will only attempt the rearranging of everything else if the book is really, really worth it. ^_^

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