I finally got out the flannel sheets and polar fleece coverlets today (after wearing socks to bed two nights in a row), and pulled out my fleece-lined hoody. Don’t get me wrong, I like rain. I like rain a lot. But I really would have liked another month of summer.

Anyway. Mum and I went to Havurah Shalom’s mah jongg group today and had lots of fun. I won one hand of three, whilst knitting, neider neider. The other women couldn’t believe I knew how to play “at your age”. Right.

Afters, Mum and I visited at some of the fun shops in NW Portland. We stopped at one, an “antique” shop, once we saw a giant life-sized Boddhi-Satva in the entranceway. One can’t say “no” to that, can one? I also stopped to take a photo of all the looming Chinese and African chests and cupboards that were stacked to the ceiling:


I love stopping at these places. One can find the funkiest stuff. Fiber artists are going to descend on my house in righteous indignation, but I walked away from an actual Ikat silk sari, priced at $45. I just couldn’t think of what I’d do with it.

After that, we headed back across the river and stopped at a retro store, Sputnik’s something, I think. There we found the hidden treasure-trove of Mamie Eisenhower’s hats. Mum was particularly fond of a pointy pea-soup green one that made me laugh so hard it was extremely difficult for me to take a decent photo:

Mrs. Eisenhower?

The shopkeeper was nearly sideways, too. So it wasn’t just me.

And, Terry Pratchett questions. I need to answer them. Sorry it took me so long, but I’ve been under the weather with a cold I got from Opus. But I’m better now and have no excuse to avoid the ‘puter now.

Q: How was his talk? Is he as witty and funny in person as his writing is? Wow I’m so jealous!

A: His talk was fantastic. He was hilarious and witty and talked just like his books are written. Crazy. Loved him and the crowd did too.

Q: Are you gonna frame it now?

A: Alas, no. I’m making it for Stephieface, who really does deserve a pair of handknit socks after 4 babies. I’m also hoping she won’t frame it (hint, hint) because handknit socks are meant to be worn.

Q: Please mention some time how the book is – I probably have enough room on my Pratchett shelf for another volume, but will only attempt the rearranging of everything else if the book is really, really worth it.

A: I loved the book. I thought it was hilarious and I loved the Discworld version of the Medici. If you liked Going Postal, you’ll definitely like Making Money. Pratchett is as sharp and piercing as ever.

And now, I really must finish those jaywalkers. The diamond socks have found a home (Mum), so they’re actually progressing again. And, goodness gracious, Sockdown: August!’s deadline is approaching fast. So many socks! Who knew?


  1. Wonderful! I haven’t read Going Postal as many times as many of his other books, but that is simply because I don’t read much for pleasure when I am at school. I’ll have to pick up Making Money for a bit of Thanksgiving Break reading. :)

    I’m still really jealous that you got to see Terry Pratchett!

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