I’ve been asked several times, both in person and over the ‘net, where I find the time to knit so much. Personally, I don’t think I rack up that many FO’s, like the Harlot, but I mused about that today as I swatched for the modern fisherman’s sweater:


In the time it took for Mum to “get around” for our hike up Mt Tabor, I had CO, knit the entire swatched chart and added on some ribbing on the top. And, no, I am not that fast a knitter. Mum is that slow a dresser. But, hey, I found the time to tackle one of the four swatches I’ve promise ShiBui this week. (I also made tons of progress on Stephie’s jaywalkers, between ’bouts of cleaning and decluttering.)

Mum and I went up Mt Tabor the long (i.e. not steep) way this evening and I feel the need to bring my camera. I managed two shots before twilight made it completely impossible to photograph anything else.



We made it to the car just as the air turned silver and made way to our fav movie rental place. Right now we have to choose between:

  • The Complete First Season of Fraggle Rock (shriek!)
  • The Boondock Saints
  • A Collection of Fractured Fairytales
  • Wind That Shakes the Barley (Cillian Murphy… oh, my)

Hard choice, eh?

Time to eat dinner. Man, am I exhausted. I must have broken down over 40 cardboard boxes. Eugh. It was Mum’s turn to flood the garage today. We’re attacking it round-robin style. As I told the ‘rents, soon we’ll have the cleanest garage-floor in Portland.


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