And still have more to knit.  My mind is slowly dripping out my right ear.  This morning I redrafted the Modern Fisherman’s sweater*:

Modern Fisherman's sweater

Swatch and schematic. Will CO tomorrow.

Then knit some more on Diamondback sock#1 (which is also, incidentally my second Sockdown: September! pair):

Diamondback sock #1

The pattern’s been named thusly because it reminds me of Diamondback rattlesnakes.  After knitting an inch or two I made Emm help me clean the house (that was an uphill struggle).  The house is a little cleaner, finally.

And after that, I CO Sock #1 for Maggie:

Sock #1 for Maggie CO

Nancy Bush’s “Lativian Socks” from Folk Socks, which also neatly fit into the Sockdown: October! requirements.  I got as far as the lace on the cuff and had to quit.  My head hurts a bit.  And I’ve still got to work on my Fall-ing For Pratchett Swap stuff.  At least the gauge is enormous by comparison.

Fraggle Rock is providing a nice background and occasional distraction.  Jim Henson still kicks @ss.

Oh, well.  Time to go back to the salt mines.

*Thank you Montgomery County for making me take that term of mechanical drawing.


  1. I’m working on my Fall-ing for Pratchett stuff too…. and woo boy… Something that was supposed to be the size of an eyeglass case has just tripled in size. I must be insane.

    Don’t forget, you LIKE knitting. :D

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