I just finished finished the Clara cloche pattern. Seriously. Finished. It took me 3 hours of cruel and unusual geometry this afternoon (+ some 3 hours a couple of weeks ago), but I did it. But that comes later in today’s adventures.

At noon, I called Opus to see if she wanted to meet downtown and get some work (knitting) done. She readily agreed and we met at Borders. After making fun of their knitting section, we decided their cafe was too loud to “work” in.

So, off we set. And were distracted and detoured (on our way to Peet’s) by the dulcet sound of bagpipers piping. Well, dulcet to me, anyway. Opus is of Anglais blood and lacks the refined knowledge and taste required to fully appreciate a dozen men in kilts and kilt hose playing the pipes:



Because we were several blocks from Peet’s at this point, we decided to try a new cafe nearer-by. It was located in 1/2 of the “public” rooms in an old Victorian townhouse. Literally, as Opus and I were being served, all the customers from the front two rooms came rushing into the “Lounge” and dropped to the floor. Apparently there was a man with a gun out front. The waitress ran to the counter and called the police as Opus dragged me and our lunch (the plate was still in my hand) to the kitchen with some of the other clientèle. Who were also calling the police.

Who came, sirens and all, and the armed man was dealt with. Whoo, the excitement. Opus and I sat back down in the Lounge and ate our lunches. As we sit knitting after lunch, Opus, the Great and Wise Sock-knitter, actually mis-crossed a cable and discovered it 20 rows later (see!  she IS human!). She found this particularly amusing:


And decided to leave it where it was after I offered to fix it. Eventually we had to leave because the music and the lights were making me sleepy (really wasn’t making any progress on anything), so our adventure began anew as we set course for Peet’s (again). They weren’t too crowded and made a lovely Jasmine Lime iced tea…

Clara's nightmare

That, undoubtedly, was the prime factor in my finishing the schematic for Clara. Really, the schematic for this hat is everything. I had to figure out the diameter of the cloche and the cloche with it’s brim before and after felting in order to figure out the front flap. It took a call to Opus’ Mum to confirm that d = C/π. NOT C = πr^2, which Opus and her Dad kept insisting on.

Pfft to them! Mr Stephens, my high school geometry teacher, would have been so proud of had he seen the bloody schematic once it was done. Hell, I’m bloody proud of me.

So, after dinner and a nap, the pattern is written and printed out and hopefully I can knit the cloche tomorrow, felt it on Monday, and turn it in sometime this week with the second KH spock. W00t.

See?  I have been making progress.


  1. Holy cow, that sounds scary!

    And you know what’s funny? I used to work at that Borders…and I would order knitting books for the store all the time & keep it in order…sadly it probably has been kept up.

  2. Men in kilts…………..drooooooool

    Men with guns……..booooooooo

    Being done w/ pattern…. cooool

    Geometry……………..drooooooool (and not in teh same men in kilt way)

  3. Wow, you have been busy! I’ve been a very delinquent blog reader lately so I’ve been trying to catch up and in the last few posts you have been accomplishing things like crazy. Way to go!

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