Ugh. Feel sick. Not contagious-sick, but the-midol-isn’t-working-sick (if that’s too much information for you, deal with it). Blech. Here’s my Clara cloche progress:

cloche CO

I get a headache whenever I try and knit something that requires my attention. So… very little progress. I’m doing a basic top-down hat to take the edge off, but I still get a migraine symptoms :( So not fair.

Need to get off of the puter now. Bright screen bad.

ETA at 1:08 AM PST:


Look. I finished the basic, take-the-edge-off hat. I can’t sleep now because I’ve ingested so much caffeine to cut the migraine. Luckily, I have silly movies and knitting (well, some, I get headacheyness if I do too much) and a little internets for distraction.


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