I tried to post yesterday’s activities last night, but WP was a bit cranky and decided it didn’t like anyone for the evening. So, here’s the quick and dirty:

We drove to Sauvie Island, only to find out that the Wildlife Areas (1/2 the island) were closed because of the winter migration of endangered birds that nest there. It won’t reopen until April 1st. (sigh) Mum and I were really disappointed, because we wanted to see Sandhill Cranes in the wild.

Dad then suggested that we drive to Astoria. I enthusiastically supported this idea, since I hadn’t been there in all the 6 years I’ve lived in Oregon. It was a bit of a long drive, but we got there late in the afternoon. I took tons of pictures:

Great blue heron on the remains of the old docks.


Extremely funny Halloween decoration.


The Liberty Theatre, which dated to… um, awhile ago. I forget.


Sheepy print at a gallery.


And a bull seal (I swear it’s that little black dot in the lower right), swimming off.

Thoughts on Astoria?
Very nice town. I am never going there with my brother and father again, if I can manage it. Within minutes of getting out of the car, Emm and Dad started asking about food. Then they started to complain that they were hungry. Mum and I were so frustrated. We ended up feeding them at some dive, and by the time we got out almost all the shops had closed. Arg.

Mum and I took off and discovered a really cool art supply store, where I found (to my glee) a Jacquard Textile Traditions set. Funfunfun. Can’t wait to play with it.
Today was mostly uneventful. Mostly. I found several mistakes/ incomprehensible rows in the cloche pattern for ShiBuiKnits. I also received a warning message stating that I really am not permitted to discuss ongoing projects for ShiBuiKnits the way I have been. So, all the pictures and pattern names have been taken down – here and on ravelry. Oops.

And now I need to get back to the cloche. I’m determined to finish it and felt it tonight. So I can turn it in tomorrow. Then the only deadline I’ll need to worry about for ShiBuiKnits will be for Project #3 (men’s sweater).

Don’t even ask about my swap progress. Ack, I can’t handle it right now. Tomorrow will be better for that.


  1. I understand not being able to post about your patterns. I can only mention that I am working on patterns from Blue Moon and not what they are or what yarn I am using.

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