Wish I was here:


But I’m not. It’s a bit chilly and crisp in Portland right now. I’m not quite to the “brr” point, but that may be coming. I broke out a panta, woolly wrap, and campanula mitts tonight.  I even wore that short sweater-like garment I knit that ShiBuiKnits wants to buy the pattern for.  I have no idea how to refer to it without getting into trouble, so I’m just going to change the subject.

Yarn.  (that got your attention, didn’t it?)  Lots of it.  I’m trading Teresa 6 skeins of my handspun yarn for very luscious yarn I can’t justify buying right now – Silk Puff (I have plans), 3 skeins of Nature’s Palette for Scheherezade’s Slippers, and… well… more sock yarn that I haven’t chosen yet.  But I will.   I love bartering ^_^  I’ll post some yarn p0rn tomorrow, when I have sunlight and the IQ to work a camera*.

I’m also so nearly finished with Project #1.  I just need to reknit the button band, because I cannot count this evening.  It says in the pattern I wrote to PU & K a certain # of stitches.  I PU & K that # – 3.  Sooo… when I got to the buttonholes, they didn’t look quite right.  Oops.

To make up for this, I ripped it back, tried again and had to count the sts over 6 times.  I lost track after 6.  See?  I am not meant to finish this project tonight.

So I got out yarn and started planning my last/ ‘medium’ item for the Discworld Swap.  I’m not even going to swatch, because the Knitting G-ds are angry with me (can’t figure out why), so I guess it’s time to play on ravelry or something.  Or maybe I should just go to bed…

*No, I did not indulge in champagne tonight, I knew I was in trouble before I got to the Sip’n’Knit. 


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