The peacock (who keeps coming back because my parents can’t resist feeding it) has a name now. Emm and I jokingly decided to call him “Emperor Fabulous” when the ‘rents called from Eugene the day after my, uh, shock. Somehow, the name has stuck. Like tar.

He’s getting spoiled, too. 2 granola bars, a handful of oats, and 2 handfuls of sunflower seeds in one day. My parents are suckers for anything that looks hungry. Oy. They’re actually talking about building him his own feeder.

Anyway. The yarn p0rn I promised… Silk Puff in Ivory:

ShiBuiKnits Silk Puff

And, (this is so amusing) Nature’s Palette in…

Nature's Pallette - Mallard

I swear I didn’t know that was the colourway until I got home. I just really liked how gold and green and teal it was. This might be a bad sign. If I start decorating in yellow in green please arrange an intervention or shoot me or something.

Other news? The Knitting G-ds forgave me last night, as I slept. How kind and generous They are. Because I managed to (thank goodness!) finish today:

  • the second part of Project #1
  • complete the ‘medium’ item for the Discworld swap and make progress on the other items I’ve been plotting
  • organize my WIPs, including Projects #2 & #3
  • re-edit a couple of patterns (woot!) AND send one set to the tech editor

The Muses are also sweet as well. I’ve had several ideas pop into my head in the past 24 hours. Sometimes I really wish I didn’t have to sleep. Or, like Penny suggested, buy more time when it’s needed.  Another set of arms would also be good.  Then I could knit and blog at the same time.  Knit and eat.  Knit and (urg) clean.  Knit and knit, actually.  Oooh… knit and knit.  How fun would that be?

Oh, well. It’ll all get done eventually.


  1. i like that. knit and knit. sounds about right, especially since E forgot to remind me when his coworker’s wife was due. (she had a baby girl last tuesday). must knit fast!

  2. You know… I’ve always been a sewing purist and resisted the idea of knitting or other projects (says the girl who has recently taken up glove-making…), but that white yarn looks really squishy and soft…. And the green stuff looks like it’d be really silky. It almost, almost! makes me want to knit.

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