Went for a hike up Mt Tabor today (forgot to visit the caldera again), but took tons of photos. Mt. Tabor is the only active (well, sorta) volcano within a city’s limits in the US (on the mainland, anyway). I was loving the autumn foliage…



And autumn light. It turns almost thin this far North:






And, of course, the obligatory shot of Portland:


To our amusement, when we got home, look who was out back eating weeds:


Good birdie!  (we rewarded him with a handful of granola)

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  1. You could go all Nathan Fillion and the cat on Emperor Fabulous. All though Nathan hated the cat, he gave it a cat door, a house, a heating pad, food, medicine it has to take everday, a stairway to his bed, the house on a chair to keep it from critters………..

    Of course I would refrain from getting a Peacock Door, who knows what he would do to your stash.

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