We got up bright and early this morning to visit Forest Park whilst the weather’s still clear and not, you know, pouring. It was pretty chilly (30F when we left), but warmed up as we started hiking. The most noticeable change on the trail was the layer of Vine-leaf maple leaves everywhere. For Easterners like me, seeing leaves this big outside the jungle was interesting…

Vine-leaf maple mask


I took a few more pictures, which’re on flickr.

When we left the park, after two hours of hiking, crossing the river proved difficult in more ways than one. All because of this giant floating thing:

Very large boat.

‘It’s a building!’  ‘It’s a city!’  ‘It’s a… boat??

Truly, “boats” do not come that big. I don’t know what to call it. After sitting on the Broadway (draw-)Bridge for quite some time, we decided to find a new route. And ended up making a detour (Phở, yum) and another and another. By the time we got home, Mum and I had to leave again for Mah Jongg. Which was great.

Well, mostly. I think I annoyed some of the women because I knit while I played and won 3 hands. They also complained that I played ‘too fast’.


I was polite, though, and didn’t retort that they were playing ‘too slow’. See? I can behave in public and everything. Now I have to go and organize my stash. Mum and I got some giant clear plastic containers to try and rein it in. If you don’t hear from me in 3 days, send in the cavalry. I might need some help.


  1. We used to have those giant tankers go by on the St. Clair river when I was a kid. They were humungous! Haven’t thought of them in years.

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