But damn Project #2 looks mighty fine, if I do say so myself.  If ShiBuiKnits is half as pleased with it as I am… well, that’d be fantastic.

I wish I could post a picture.

Right now I’m waiting until midnight to finish up Sockdown: September! and start Sockdown: November! on ravelry.  Wow, what an exciting life I do lead.

On a completely different topic, we got so many trick-or-treaters tonight!  We guessed that we got more tonight than we got in all 6 years in Eugene combined together.  How weird is that?  In Eugene we lived two blocks from an elementary school, just like here.  So… not much change in neighborhood/ environment type.  How funny.

I’m going to go and sit quietly for a bit.  I still have 15 mins until I can do anything, anyway.

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