My joyfulness? I turned in Project #2 and it was well loved, and I was happy. And a little embarrassed by all the compliments. Opus mocked me. I went “pfft” to her and then silenced her with a bribe involving handspun lace yarn.

Anyway. I’ve promised, uh, 2 more design sketches for next week. On top of the men’s sweater that’s due (with pattern!) on Nov 15. Sooo… now I just need to write a pattern and knit a sweater in 2 weeks.

Don’t give me that look. I knit an adult sweater during Dead Week one term… when I had Latin, Greek, and 400-level Art History keeping me from sleeping. It can be done.

I’m thinking of sending along the Project #2 pattern tomorrow, just to have it done. I’ve proofed it so many times in the past few days that there’s not much else I can do.

Other, not-man’s-sweater, progress? I sent off the Discworld Swap package (yesh!), and Stephie’s Jaywalkers and Crimson’s shamefully late Wacky Ducky Contest prize. Yes, I suck when it comes to mailing things on time, if ever.



Baby T’s offset wraplan is coming along. I’m almost to the ribbing at the hem. Then I just have to knit the sleeves, collar, and buttonbands. By next Saturday. Again, why are you looking at me like that? It’s a baby sweater. It can be done.

Ooh! And see that feather right there?? Emperor Fabulous left that on our patio this afternoon. Yes, I washed it. Is it down or is it a feather? Who can tell?

I also finally figured out my Socks for Maggie. They’re coming along nicely, esp. as traveling socks. Now, all I need to do is CO my November sockdown socks and I’ll be set for being on schedule for the Terrible Deadlines. I think. Oh, no, wait. Handspun Swap. Right-io. I also need to spin 4 oz of sock yarn by Nov 15. Wow, I’m going to be stressed for the next fortnight.

You might want to give Portland a wide berth.


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