In a house with one bathroom and 4 adults, one tends to wait a lot to do things like shower or brush one’s teeth. Why not blog, then, instead of tapping my foot or wander around muttering about inconsiderate relatives? At least I’ll be doing something, like, almost productive.

I’m going to meet Opus in, wow, 9 hours. We’re meeting downtown, so I can get away from these people and get some work done. So, basically, she’s going to lock me in Peet’s until I produce 1/2 a pattern and a significant portion of Project #3. Alas, I will not be able to post pictures of either – so I’ll get Opus to show off something she’s making instead.

The things my friends do for me. But, I have my bribe ready, mwahaha.

Other stuff?

  • The stash frightens me. We’re having, uh, ‘containment’ issues.
  • Fab left us another feather this morning.
  • Baby T’s offset wraplan is getting closer to being an FO. Maybe I can take a pic of it tomorrow today later this morning.
  • We have a slightly heated debate going on in the Sockdown: October! thread (on ravelry) over what constitutes a cable vs. a ‘mock’ cable. In desperation I have sent missives to Knitting Higher Authorities. Hopefully, one of them will respond with their ruling. I don’t have the knitting mojo to make these kinds of decisions. Seriously.

Oh, look, the bathroom’s empty. Time to brush my teeth and crash.

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