Things to love?

  • Opus. Bless her heart. All day yesterday she shepherded me around in my sleep-deprived state – making sure I got food, caffeine, and a large horizontal surface to work on. She also checked my maths and picked up my cable needle every single time I dropped it.
  • Graph paper.
  • Baby sleeves on baby sweaters. Aww.
  • Traveling socks (for Maggie) that I don’t have to look at to knit:

Sock#1 for Maggie

  •  Chocolate panini.  And the Pearl Bakery for making it.
  • The stash.  Petting it is therapeutic.

Things I don’t love?

  • Cabling. I suck at it. But I worked my way through it for the men’s sweater for ShiBuiKnits. I will not be defeated by this thing.
  • Winding yarn into balls.  Tangle, tangle, tangle.


  1. {hugs} i’m not a huge fan of cabling right now (w or wo a needle). but i am determined not to let it beat me.

    stash is awesome. so is chocolate. chocolate makes everything better.


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