I got up rather late this morning to find (yea!) a box waiting for me, sitting innocently enough on the table. The contents? A little less innocent…

Discworld Swap (1)

Discworld Swap (2)

  • My very own Nac Mac Feegle “Folk Art Doll”. Beware your stashes, I might send him oot a’rummaging!
  • A Nac Mac Feegle knitter’s messenger bag (featuring a yarn-stealing Pictsie), lined with matching plaid and full of pockets.
  • “Achingly Good Tea”, “Nanny Ogg’s Special Blend” & a tea strainer.

How cool is my swap partner?

(P.S. baby T’s offset wraplan is nearly done!  I might just get it blocked before they arrive on Friday…)


  1. HOMG! Can you e-mail please pass my contact information to your swap-partner? I’m new to this site, but my loving girlfriend saw a pattern for (pardon any mistaken Jocks here) “Bigger than Wee Jock Jock but Smaller than Medium Jock Jock” and said she’d knit it for me. I’d love to give her the knitting bag and tea from this and keep the Feegle for myself. Thank you Very much for any help you can provide. The e-mail is ryamos@primus.ca, and the name’s Ted :)

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