I’m almost through the 2nd ball of yarn for the sweater I’m designing/ knitting for ShiBuiKnits. Which makes me (roughly) 1/6 of the way through the sweater. Not bad for, er, 3 days of knitting, right?  (the pattern is also progressing; I even made charts today)

I also wound off the yarn for Scheherezade’s Slippers this evening (my Sockdown: November! challenge) after I finished winding Ball #3.

I have to go into Knit Purl tomorrow, to discuss several more commissions. Wow, my fingers are going to be busy. So far we’re talking a coat, a purse and a pair of mitts. Of course, first I have to finish the Man’s Sweater O’ Doom/ Project #3. (hmm, maybe I should just keep numbering these things for posterity…?)

Other news? I’m still waiting for my ravelry t-shirt ;_; and my Discworld Swap package. The mailman didn’t bring either today and I was sad. Hopefully the USPS g-ds will smile upon me tomorrow.

Oh, and the template updates. I have no idea what I’m doing, other than fiddling around and cutting things down a bit. Suggestions are always welcome. In theory, at least.

Now I get to go back to the salt mines and start Ball #3.

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  1. Email me. what do you want it to do? Maybe we should move you over to your own space some day ? (when this semester is over?)

    and maybe i’ll get my act together to get TO the post office. *sigh*

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