I repeat: the baby has landed. (We’ll see how screwy the CIA finds that tomorrow…)

Dad and I got to pick up A and baby T at the airport today (which actually wasn’t all that awful – the airport, I mean). Ooh, look! – a baby, stroller, and horrible airport carpet:


We then headed to 82nd Ave (urh) to find some form of department store to get a porta-crib. Whoo. 3 stores later and we finally found one. Can you believe that two stores we sold out of collapsible cribs? I mean, really, what’re the odds? After that we got to put the new crib to use and T got a N-A-P she wasn’t too happy about.

Dinner was also an interesting (and fun, we’re a baby-friendly family) experience. Turned out to be the first time T tried tofu, beef and beef broth – all in one evening. I ended up sharing the largest portion of my meal (Pho Tai), just because T loved the broth so much. We eventually ended up putting some in her sippy cup, cuz I wasn’t getting my bowl (or spoon) back otherwise…


She had the wait-staff completely snookered, too. Shameless creature. After that came a dessert I really shouldn’t have eaten and the finishing of this:


Baby T’s offset wraplan, which I was determined to finish in time to see her wear it (she’s still wearing her other wraplan, it brings me joy to mention).

Project specs:

  • Start: September, 2007
  • Finish: November, 2007
  • Yarns: Rowan Soft Baby, “Meadow” (2 balls); Debbie Bliss Donegal Aran Tweed in some dark green colour (I’m horrible, I know).
  • Needles: US 4/3.5mm 24″ Addi Turbo circulars and set of 5 YS 4/3.5mm DPNs.
  • Pattern: Offset Wraplan

I finally got it finished. Shame I ran out of yarn (well, nearly). I didn’t quite have enough for the collar and buttonbands. Which is really my own fault since I swatched 3 times (no, I really wish I was I was lying here) because I kept losing my swatches. Sooo… yeah, stupid me. The women at Knit Purl were so sweet. They don’t carry Rowan Soft Baby anymore and were quite upset when they realised exactly why I needed it that night (Thursday), so they spent several minutes calling all the PDX yarn stores they could think of – to ask them if they carried the yarn and had any in stock. No and no, everywhere. In the end I bought something complimentary and ran with it. And, haha, even worse I didn’t swatch with it. After 3 swatches (which I couldn’t find to rip), I figured the knitting g-ds owed me this once.

Suicidal, I know.

Other stuff? We think His Imperial Majesty is nesting in our maple tree. When he’s not at the feeder or preening on our benches, he’s in the tree. Too funny. A and baby T were impressed when they saw him this afternoon before baby T’s N-A-P.

And, wow, this is embarrassing, but I AM an adult and should admit when I’ve made a mistake. In this case, I’ve made several that neither Emmos or I caught when we proofed my original Offset Wraplan pattern. My bad, I’m really sorry everyone (I know there have been a couple knitters who’ve been frustrated). Well, after finishing baby T’s offset wraplan (which I knit from the pattern, incidentally), I’ve fixed all the errors I spotted this time. Hopefully that’ll be the last of them. But, in any case, I’ve reedited the pattern:

Offset Wraplan (PDF)

Please do let me know if you find any more mistakes!


  1. Rowan Soft Baby has been discontinued. A very sad loss I know. I think it might be because it isn’t machine washable. We had one poor girl who knit her baby an intricate cable dress/top and then accidentally felted it. oops!

  2. Hi Sarah! You don’t know me, but I found your adorable pattern on someone elses blog and wanted to try it myself. I hate to bother you with silly questions, but I can’t seem to figure out what is going on with the first row…. (cough, sputter…) After casting on 90, the number of stitches to be knitted (20,16,28,16,2) do not add up to 90…. so instead of knitting just 2 stitches after the last marker, I have 8 left. Is this a mistake in the pattern, or something I am doing wrong? This may be a silly question, as I am not a super experienced knitter. But I am determined to make this sweater, darn it!!

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