I am so unbelievably exhausted and I only helped watch baby T for 3 days. I really don’t know how people survive parenting 24/7. Of course, having a toddler around quickly killed the rising urge I’ve had to settle and breed (I mean that in a good way). I think I’ll really enjoy being young and single and completely selfish for a little while longer, thanks :)

But, I got the cutest pix of the ‘rents with their granddaughter:





They were so funny to watch with her.  And, look, I finally managed to get a decent shot of T in her new sweater!  Fiberly update?  Well…

  • 1/2 of the yarn for the Fall Handspun Swap is DONE (whoop!)
  • I’m about 1″ away from the next set of cables for the ShiBuiKnits men’s sweater
  • 1/2 the pattern is written for the above-stated sweater
  • I only have the heel section to recheck for the final version of the spocks pattern
  • AND I’m making progress on other (undeadlined) works.

Back to the salt mines…


  1. I know I wish I had had a little niece or nephew before we had children! I totally had no clue! I have lost so many brain cells along the way, sometimes I just feel so fried! I LOVE the sweater! So cute and little T is awfully cute too. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that we were admiring her baby photos…

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