I got gauge and everything, but I had to rip my first of Scheherazade’s Slippers tonight:


Because it was too loose. I really should have considered how much I hate loose socks. Well, loose by my terms is a bit different than others’. It hardly matters, since I re-CO for both socks at once on my Addi’s.

Eh.  I should have been working on my ShiBuiKnits commissions anyway.  Which I am, right now.  The sweater and the button-up mitts are in my google editor as I type this.  I’m making progress, I swear.  Less than 3″ to go before more cables.

On that front, anyway.  I got half of the yarn for the Fall Handspun Swap plied when my scotch tensioning line snapped.  Snapped!  I took this as the hint it undoubtedly was and stopped for the night.

(whoosh)  Is it really after midnight?

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  1. Ohh, pretty green yarn though. I really like the design on that color.
    I’m not trying to add to your list of stuff to do, but I had an epiphany and had to share. I initially had great trouble with the November mystery sock, because I never learned how to read a chart properly and in fact missed a simple little thing, that made my life very difficult, like making sure I am working the same stitch as is on the chart and not fighting the fact that it shifts. I knew this, but didn’t quite get it and tried to make it shift the wrong way. Anyway, I find your tutorials very useful and thought it would be fabuous if someone who is obviously very good at charts(hint hint) wrote a tutorial on how to read a chart and not feel like an idiot. Thanks! Please don’t send hate mail!

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