In times like these, I’ll celebrate what I can. Project #3: I’m through ball 3 and onto 4 and 5 (have to start a sleeve now, cuz the chest has, like, 4″ to go before the sleeves need to be attached… meaning I need some sleeves). Projects #4 & 5: yarn has been wound for both. Will CO Project #4 after I wake up. Don’t even ask me about Project #6, I haven’t even charted the flowers. (wow, is that sufficiently confusing so as not to ruin the surprise??)

This the lamest post, ever, I know, and I’m sorry. But I really had to take a break from knitting and winding viciously tangled skeins. I also just can’t deal with my online responsibilities right now, either.  Members of the SKA may snark at me if they wish.  But not participants of the Fall Handspun Swap.  (yet)

Mostly because (aaarg) I still haven’t managed to fix the Scotch Tensioning on my spinning wheel. It’s… confusing me.


I’m gonna go to bed. Maybe things will make more sense after I sleep.

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