I should contact NASA. Maybe I’ll get to name it and everything.

No matter how many rows I knit the body of the sweater STILL measures under 12″. Even when I got Mum to measure it (it could have been lying to me, anything’s possible), the number didn’t change. Thus, I have my own black hole. And it’s hiding all those rows I’ve been knitting.

I suppose I should be grateful that the black hole hasn’t claimed Project #3’s sleeve yet – it’s progressing quite quickly and doesn’t lie to the tape measure.

In other news, I have an FO picture, just because I’m sick of all-text posts:

sideways mitts

Sideways garter-stitch mitts with thumbs and all. I decided to not go with any buttons or other embellishments, just because.

And that’s about everything knitting-related. I’ve taken up cleaning in the moments when I feel inclined to chuck Project #3 into the trash. At least I have tons of clean laundry to prove I’ve been productive today.

I’m gonna go and slave away on the body some more. Maybe I’ll get it past 12″ tonight.


  1. The sideways mitts are beautiful… Is it your own pattern?
    As for black holes, I often find that to be the case with lace. Especially anything knit with a fine yarn. I could knit for hours and the shawl never got any bigger. It is one of the great Mysteries of the Universe.

  2. Great finish! That yarn looks oddly similar to the yarn you were using for Calorimetry.

    BTW on November 10th Samurai Knitter wrote a great review on the VK issue. And by great I mean accurate, because the issue sucks.

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