Heaven help me, but I think L has decided to adopt me as her pet project. Which is fine, she’s very cool about it and has been quite insightful. It’s just weird to hand over a long list of designs I’ve promised across the ‘net (ShiBuiKnits, Ravelry, friends, etc) and have her organize it for me. Like Lene does for the Harlot. She’s setting up a 4-month calendar for me to follow. And she’s making contact people in the industry.

Almost frightening, really. Well, maybe if I hadn’t grown up around New York Jews.

She’s also made me promise to think of a new business name for myself. I refused to go with my name, Sara Morris, because there are a lot of Sara Morris(es) around. Seriously. There’s a Sarah Morris group on the Facebook!  (I’m in it)  . Sooo… any suggestions would be nice. I’m really bad at this.

What was the other stuff? Just… other stuff. We (L and I) went shopping today. I got buttons for a project that ShiBuiKnits may or may not be interested it. If not, I know of some other people that will be :) We also hit several other terrifyingly full shops (ick) and sat and knit over salad.

How civilised.

And that’s pretty much been my day, with lots of business stuff edited out and absolutely NO pictures (sigh) because everything I’m working on is on commission (‘nother sigh). This blog is going to get so boring soon.

I need a studio.


  1. Email or Ravelry msg me. Let’s attempt to talk (I’m buried under writing obligations). Maybe L and I can talk and together.. bwhah hah hah . ;)

    oh wait… 0:)

  2. You should stick with FyberDuck… just maybe add another word after like FyberDuck Patterns or FyberDuck Designs. You are already recognizable as “FyberDuck” so roll with it and just add to it. If you make business cards, your name will be below your name (that was a fun phrase to write)with Fyberduck _________ at the top and Sara Morris a little lower. If you look at alot of business names nowadays, not all of them sound uber professional….. like ‘Scott Free’ (a business juncture between two brothers with the last name of Scott), and ‘View Askew’ (Kevin Smith’s business- and Kevin’s view can be often defined as askew).
    I found these sites that may help:

    I had the same issue when trying to name my Etsy shop, because there are in the world a ton of Steph Conleys (some of which are already famous [and this is unfair]) as well as a ton of Steph Meades (my maiden name, some of which are already famous [and this too is unfair]) which is why I went with Stephieface. There is only one other Stephieface in the entire world and she is on MySpace. So just as googling “Stephieface” gets you alot of me, Googling “FyberDuck” gets you a lot of you (I already tried it).

    I think you should stick with what you’ve got and just expand on the idea. FyberDuck already gives an impression of something concerning “Fibers” which knitting, weaving, sewing, and spinning all do. The Duck makes it memorable.

  3. Your blog is interesting, and although the subject matter may vary from interesting to less interesting, you always manage to capture the reader (me!) into reading more. Your style is so very good!

  4. I’m with the ‘face. FyberDuck is very you – slightly offbeat, and memorable, in addition to being ‘visually’ funny. Roll with it, love!

    Also, welcome to the joys of ‘Pressrow’ on WordPress. I love it!

  5. I agree with all these other folks. FyberDuck = you and you = FyberDuck. And don’t worry about the blog seeming boring to you. That you have commission projects to work on is super cool and in fact rocks my face off. Now my blog on the other hand … ;-)

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