I have a job! A real job with hours and everything. L suggested that I ask at Knit/ Purl whether they needed help over the holidays, but it turned out they need help in general for things like clerical work and accounting and personal-assistanting. I start tomorrow.

I had a meeting with D today, about my ShiBuiKnits commissions (of which there are so many) and when I brought it up I was swept up into all sorts of things. This should be fun. I get to work at my favorite knitting store! P/T, tho, because we all agreed that I need time to knit and design.

Mum and Dad, to congratulate me, are buying me a laptop (recommendations are welcome) and already bought two pairs of really cool work shoes (that I’ve been coveting for months). I love my parents. They feel no shame over buying my love ;D

Ugh, I have so much work to do. I have to go and email my editor about contracts next. I almost forgot, too (ack!)

I also found out today that The Photoshoot for everything I’ve been working on recently is on Dec 4. Heaven help me, but that is the ultimate deadline for the sweater and suchlike. I really wish I could learn to knit in my sleep.

Oh, and I’m putting the K/P button on my sidebar because I noticed in my incoming links that quite a few people end up here looking for Knit/ Purl*, so that should make everyone’s lives easier.

Knit/ Purl logo

*(How strange is that?)


  1. You know I love my mac. I’d marry it if such things were allowable and if I didn’t already have the best husband in the world. Given the kind of things you do with it, a macbook should work [as long as you don’t mind the 13″ screen]. It’s way lighter and smaller than my 15″ macbook pro. If you’re not willing to make the switch [or if the mac falls out of the price range] TheBoy likes his Dell Inspiron.

  2. Oh the envy! I want a job at a yarn store too!!!

    I have a Dell Inspiron, and am very pleased with it, if you don’t need any seriously heavy computing skills. I think the most important thing in a laptop these days is to get one with the longest and most comprehensive warranty you can – these babies are NOT built to last, and a long warranty ensures that your computer will live at least as long as that period. Oh, and my experience is to stay away from HP.

  3. Congratulations on the job! I love Knit-Purl – they are so helpful and friendly with online orders and have a great selection! but I guess I don’t need to tell you that . ..

    as for computers, I love my Dell.

  4. I’d recommend a Toshiba. I’ve got one myself, and while some people might claim they’re a pain, I think they’re workhorses. The only issue with mine has been having to replace the power cord repeatedly, which is because I’m fairly rough on them. Otherwise, my Toshiba has behaved perfectly for the year and a half that I’ve owned it.

  5. Congrats on the job! I would love to work at my LYS. I may have to look into it.

    As for laptops, the Dell outlet has some good deals. I just bought one from there. It hasn’t arrived yet, but I did get the mouse already.

  6. Dell is having a sale especially for business people. You can get a really great deal about 350 dollars off. Since you work for yourself, you count.

    I know that many people like their dells. I am getting one with this deal. It is arriving this week.

  7. Where were we on Sat.!! the 13 or 15 inch. In the long run, with your designing and ‘b’ ideas it’s the way to go. Check out the refurbished ones – way, way at the bottom of the online Apple store. With the Holiday’s the selection should be good. I called the guys at the MAC store in NE to confirm if good purchase and memory upgrade if needed in future.


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